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Garbage and Our Awful Fate (A Meditation on Contracts and Disputes Arising Thereunder)

I take the garbage and recycling out. Imagine that a young man, strong and physically able - able enough to dunk a basketball, recently graduated from college and living, for a short season, at home with his parents, makes that statement. Imagine that this family lives in a place with regularly provided waste management services, let’s say garbage pick-up every Friday morning and recycling pick-up every other Friday morning. He’s going to take care of the garbage and recycling. Imagine that a man, a father, says that to his wife about that young man in the context of recounting a discussion of common space expectations, those communal rights and responsibilities that will lead to them all living together in harmony, he’s had with this son. The mutual understanding of these two (or shall we say three, because the woman most assuredly has a different perspective from the father and the son) on this subject can fairly be presented as an item on a household to-do list: garbage & rec