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Rx: Antidote for Certain Writing Hesitations

When life seems disordered and you believe you can’t handle it; when you are tempted to dismiss writing as an alternative and deny that you are an artist: May you rest in the order of chaos and the design of the Universe. May you own your identity as a writer, independent of whatever else you may do and whoever else you may think you are. May you be bold and open in creating space to write and unashamed in asserting that writing is important to you. May you respect yourself as a writer and find it natural and comfortable to step away, from family, friends, work, the house, and write. May you honor the process; the concentration, energy, quiet yet fervent activity that goes into catching your ideas in words and pinning them to the paper. May you be unapologetic, feel no need to answer questions, in fact be absolutely blind to any idea of doubt about whether, when, and why you write. May you rejoice in this private wo